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We are increasingly aware of powerful financial forces that affect families, our careers and society at large. But understanding these forces and doing something to make a difference is a challenge. Finance For Everyone gives language for your voice to be heard so you can assimilate knowledge to help you take informed action.  The course is unique in its integration of principles you can apply in personal, corporate and not-for-profit decisions. You learn about value creation, its destruction and its societal impact.  Course activities connect you to a massive audience and give you a chance to make a difference. Build your confidence, your prosperity and serve your community with Finance For Everyone.



Arshad Ahmad received his MBA and PhD in Educational Psychology at McGill University, Canada. He is the Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is also the Director of the MacPherson Institute. Arshad has taught and authored textbooks in Corporate and Personal Finance and is the recipient of several Teaching and Professor-of-the-Year awards from local and international universities.

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