eCampus Ontario funds two Research & Innovation proposals from McMaster University

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MacPherson Institute is please to share the results of the eCampus RFP for Research and Innovation (2016-18). 135 proposals were received and 45 projects were recommended for funding by the e-Campus Board. These recommendations include 2 successful proposals from McMaster University (see below). A hearty congratulations goes out to the leads and to everyone collaborating on these important projects!

Funded Projects:

Project Title:

‘Evaluating the effectiveness of an online mental health course for Faculty on their knowledge, willingness and confidence to act to support student mental health in the post secondary setting.’


  • Dr. Catharine Munn (Project Lead), Lead Psychiatrist, Student Wellness Centre & Assistant Clinical Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences;
  • Ms. Allison Drew-Hassling: Content Expert and Faculty Recruitment;
  • Dr. Ilana Bayer: Technical Expert and Adult Education Expert;
  • Mr. Allan Fein: Research Coordinator – data collection and analysis;
  • Dr. Susan Searls-Giroux, AVP Faculty: Faculty Recruitment;
  • Sean VanKoughnett, AVP Students: Content Expert;
  • Dr. Natasha Snelgrove, Psychiatrist: Content Expert;
  • Ms. Rosanne Kent, Director, McMaster Student Wellness Centre: Content Expert


Project Title:

‘Development of the Instructional Designers of Ontario Network’


  • Joanne Kehoe (Project Lead) Instructional Designer, MacPherson Institute
  • Greg Van Gastel, Instructional Designer, MacPherson Institute
  • Zafar Syed, Associate Director, Educational Technology, MacPherson Institute


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