Higher Education: The Ongoing Tension Between Nationalism and Internationalism

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At McMaster, the Forward With Integrity Mandate speaks to the importance of internationalization as a strategy to foster global citizenship, pedagogical partnerships, and opportunities for research and education, constituting an important direction that informs many of McMaster’s teaching and research cultures.

Please join us for an engaging panel discussion that will explore the pressures and tensions that nationalism and internationalism currently present to institutions of higher education more broadly. This panel will provide important insights into how nationalism and internationalism are increasingly influencing the work, function, and mission of universities while at the same time providing critical opportunities for engagement on local and global scales.

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Patrick Deane

Dr. Patrick Deane
President and Vice-Chancellor,
McMaster University

David Farrar

Dr. David H. Farrar
Provost & Vice-President (Academic),
McMaster University

Maureen MacDonald

Dr. Maureen MacDonald
Dean, Faculty of Science,
McMaster University

Deborah DiLiberto

Dr. Deborah DiLiberto
Postdoctoral Global Health Scholar,
McMaster University

Greg Moran

Dr. Greg Moran
former Provost, Western University,
Executive Director at Academics Without Borders.

Peter Mascher

Dr. Peter Mascher
Professor, Engineering Physics,
William Sinclair Chair in Optoelectronics,
and Vice-Provost, International Affairs.

Arshad Ahmad

Moderated by Dr. Arshad Ahmad
Vice-Provost, Teaching & Learning, Director,
MacPherson Institute.

Each panelist will speak to their own unique experiences and perspectives on the impacts of nationalism and internationalism in higher education, followed by an opportunity for audience discussion and reflection.

Wednesday, January 31st, 2:30 pm4:00 pm
MacPherson Institute Classroom, Mills Library 5R.

Light refreshments will be served from 2:00 onwards.

For more info contact Danielle Gibbons at gibbond@mcmaster.ca

Space is limited. Register Now.


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