Erin Aspenlieder

Erin Aspenlieder

E.D, Program Enhancement Lead / ext.24842

Erin is an educational developer and the Program Enhancement Lead. Her work includes support for programs in the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP), as well as routine curriculum enhancement. She has a PhD in English and Cultural Studies from McMaster University.


Book Reviews:

Teaching Courses:

  •  EDU 750; EDU 650

Publications / Research:

Erin’s research interests include program enhancement and assessment, contingent teaching support and graduate student professional development.

In review:

  • Mathany, C., Aspenlieder, E. & Clow, K. Scholarship of teaching and learning and disciplinary identities.
  • Bishop-Williams, K., Roke, K., Troop, M. & Aspenlieder, E. Interdisciplinary and discipline specific programming: Graduate student perspectives and relevance for teaching development.


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