Karen McGarry is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at McMaster. Her research interests include the study of high performance sport and spectacle, popular culture, and educational anthropology, with a focus upon multicultural education.

Karen McGarry

Transforming Lecture-based Pedagogy and Encouraging Active Learning among McMaster Undergraduates

This project focuses upon faculty and student experiences of active learning classrooms (ALC) at McMaster, with three major goals. First, it aims to identify potential barriers to ALC use at McMaster among Social Sciences and Humanities faculty members and determine the types of resources that faculty need/desire to transform a lecture-based course into an ALC. Second, the project will explore the efficacy of McMaster’s new ALC’s as pedagogical tools by examining student and Instructor perceptions and experiences of their use of ALC spaces. Third, this project will devise a variety of ALC support solutions (eg. a video that highlights examples of how faculty at McMaster have effectively used the ALC classrooms, a manual linked to the MacPherson Institute website which includes examples of ALC syllabi, and a community of practice working group) to help faculty overcome barriers to ALC use and effectively and confidently use these new spaces.

Karen McGarryKaren McGarry Karen McGarry

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