Dr. Teal McAteer is an Associate Professor in Human Resources and Management at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. Dr. McAteer specializes in the areas of Leadership Development; Change and Stress Management; and Strategic Career Development. Over the past five years, Dr. McAteer has integrated transformative learning experiences into three of her courses, two at the graduate level and one at the undergraduate level.

Dr. McAteer maintains her own leadership coaching practice offering change, stress, and career management services to organizations and on an individual basis. At the core of her coaching is Transformative Learning. Her primary emphasis continues to be in helping people articulate their goals for change in their personal and professional lives, establish specific action steps with time lines, anticipate barriers to change, initiate measures to ensure accountability for actions, and embed progress measures to reach change success. To find out more about Dr. McAteer’s coaching sessions, you can contact her at mcateer@mcmaster.ca.

Scaffolding, Learning Portfolios and Transformative Leadership: What do they all have in a common?

The project has three research components: 1) investigating a proposed “scaffolding plan” (with experiential learning through continuous Learning Portfolio presentation, additions and submissions over time at its foundation) developed to enhance the student experience by allowing them to develop a kitbag of skills over their four year experience at McMaster; 2) uncovering themes within student learning portfolios of 200 student LPs collected from a mandatory first year Organizational Behavior course within McMaster’s Undergraduate Commerce program describing their development and reflection on core competency building in the areas of stress management, time management and change management; and 3) studying the impact of an innovative instruction technique (a Transformative Learning Experience or TLE) used in the Masters in Business Administration Leadership course. It is important to note here that Leadership training while often focuses on learning how to lead others, this course is first and foremost, about learning how to lead self. As well, the definition of leader in this course is not that of a formal leadership role, rather the assumption that we are all leaders in all parts of our lives. Thus, the importance of starting with knowing and improving, “the leader within”.

Teal McAteer

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