Student Partners Program

Collaborating with undergraduate and graduate students in pedagogical research and innovation.

Student Partners Workshop Series Fall 2016

Student Partners Program

Since 2013, the MacPherson Institute has engaged both undergraduate and graduate students in our Student Partners Program, which was developed in collaboration with the Arts & Science program.. The program was designed for students who are interested in pedagogical research and innovation. Since its inception, a wide range of students have contributed to the enhancement of teaching and learning at McMaster by participating in projects run at or in partnership with the MacPherson Institute. Members of the student team have contributed to the design and development of new courses, helped to create resources for faculty and students, and collaborated with staff and faculty partners on research projects related to teaching and learning. Several have also co-authored research articles and conference presentations related to their work. Below is a list of recent publications and presentations involving students as partners in research work.

Here is the list of current MacPherson Institute Student Partner Opportunities for Summer 2017  Student partners are hired three times a year—in May, September, and January

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Applications for Summer 2017 are due by 4:30p.m. on 7 April 2017.

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For more information about becoming involved, please see the Student Partner Program Guidebook


(Names denoted with an asterisk (*) indicate McMaster student partners.)

UCL Connected Curriculm Conference (London, June 2017)

  • Healey, M., Marquis, E., *Black, C., Dvorakova, S., *Guitman, R., & Matthews, K. Developing international experiences of student-staff partnerships in learning, teaching and research in higher education (presentation).
  • Marie, J., Marquis, E., *Nair, M., Wentink, M., Healey, M. Student-staff partnership in the scholarship of teaching and learning (invited workshop).
  • Marquis, E., *Power, E., & *Yin, M. Shaping higher education through student-staff partnership in research, curriculum design, and pedagogic consultancy (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Halifax, June 2017)

  • Khan, A., Poole, H., Agnew, M., Smith, A., & *Ghilic, I. What is the impact of a week-long fall break on stress in undergraduate students? (poster).

EuroSoTL Conference (Lund, June 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Puri, V., & *Johnstone, K. Patterns of representation, patterns of practice: Exploring the influence of popular films on teaching and learning (presentation).
  • *Nair, M., *Cheng, B., Marquis, E., Roxå, T., & *Santinele Martino, A. How do teaching assistants make decisions in the classroom? (presentation).

CSSHE Conference (Toronto, May 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Bhasin, S., *Jayaratnam, A., *Mishra, A., & *Rybkina, K. Excitement, indifference, and uncertainty: Exploring student perceptions of student-faculty partnership (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Aspenlieder, E., Fenton, N., Knorr, K., McDonald, C., *Nakhuda, H., Scott, F., *Shammas, R., & *Yee, E. Exploring the potentials and pitfalls of student-faculty partnership (symposium).

ISSOTL Conference (Los Angeles, October 2016)

  • Marquis, E., *Johnstone, K., & *Puri, V. Engaging popular narratives of higher education: SoTL, public pedagogy and the promise of filmic analysis.  (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., *Black, C., & Healey, M. Supporting the partnership narrative: The MIIETL summer institute and international experiences of student-staff partnerships.(presentation).
  • Bunnell, S., Felten, P., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Abbot, S., & *Katznelson, G. International student perspectives on the ethics of SoTL research.(presentation).
  • Dvorakova, L.S., Matthews, K., Akenson, A., Bounds, P., Felten, P., *Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., Maurer, T.W., *Puri, V., Swaim, K., Taylor, P.  Engaging students as partners in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA: Students and staff telling their stories. (panel).

STLHE Conference (London, ON, June 2016)

  • Agnew, M., & *Halawa, S. “Faith on Campus: Understanding the Impact of Religious Identity on Student Accommodation and Inclusion” (presentation)
  • Agnew, M., Ahmad, A., Barrington, J., *Ghilic, I., Stockdale, L., Syed, Z. “Incentivizing a Digital Community of Practice for the eCampus Ontario Portal.” (workshop)
  • Ahmad, A., Barrington, J., *Ali, A., *Merritt, O., Kim, J. “Perceptions of approaches to teaching and their relationship to student performance.” (presentation).
  • *Dam, H. Fenton, N., Martin, L., *Ge, Y. “Exploring the Meaning of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry”
  • *Hwang, K. M., *Haqqee, Z., & Knorr, K. “Exploring the Impact and Perception of a Novel Mentorship Course on Mentors one year post-completion.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., *Black, C. & Healey, M. Empowering learners and effecting change through partnership: The ‘Students as Partners’ Summer Institute. (presentation).

University of Guelph Accessibility Conference (Guelph, ON, May 2016)

  • *Brown, K. & *Ieshu, R. “Fully Online AODA Compliance Training: Questioning its Effectiveness Through Reflection and Conversation” (presentation).

MIIETL International Summer Institute on Students as Partners (Hamilton, ON, May 2016)

  • *Acai, A., Healey, M., *Kirby, S., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., *Shammas, R. “Change Institute: Developing Students as Partners Initiatives” (3-day Institute; co-designed by *Christine Black).

MIIETL Student Partners Symposium (Hamilton, ON, April 2016)

  • *Brown, K., *Harji, K., *Ieshu, R., Castrodale, M. “Web-Based Strategy to aid in Compliance with AODA Accessibility Teaching Standards” (presentation)
  • *Dam, H, *Ge, Y, Fenton, N., & Martin, L. Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (URI) and the Student Experience 
  • *Halawa, S. & Agnew, M. “Role of Faith in Higher Education.”
  • *Haqqee, Z., Goff, L., & Knorr, K. “Peer Mentorship Programs”
  • *Johnstone, K., *Puri, V., & Marquis, E. “Representations of Higher Education in Film and Media” (presentation).
  • *Kinsella, K., Ahmad, A. & Barrington, J. “Student-Centeredness’ and its relationship to perceived quality of Teaching Philosophy Statements.”
  • *He, S., Cockcroft, R. “Impact of SCIENCE 1A03 on First Year Students.”
  • *Liu, A., *Marcaccio, A., & Marquis, E. “Current Perceptions and Experiences of Digital Humanities Pedagogy at McMaster” (presentation).
  • *Narayan, A., & Fenton, N. “Assessing Variety of Teaching Philosophy across Disciplines”
  • *Redda, A., Twells, L., & Marquis, E. “Student Experiences in McMaster’s ‘Global Justice Inquiry’ Course” (presentation).

MIIETL Research on Teaching and Learning Conference (Hamilton, December 2015)

  • *Bodoe, A.C., *Kousoulas, P., & Cockcroft, R. “Helping Science Students with the High School-to-University Transition” (poster).
  • Cockcroft, R., Dunn, K., Kim, J., McCurdy, T., Volterman, K., *LoGuidice, A., *Kirby, S. “Collaborative Assessment: Research and Implementation across Faculties at McMaster” (presentation).
  • Cockcroft, R., *Gonsalves, K., & *He, S. “How Do Students’ Perceptions of SCIENCE 1A03 Compare Over Time?” (presentation).
  • *Fare, I. & Cockcroft, R. “Small steps into the sky: Introductory astronomy students’ knowledge prior to planetarium education” (poster).
  • Friendly, R. H., Allard, E., & *Lee, R. “Formation and Evaluation of McMaster’s New Teaching and Learning Certificate Program.” (presentation)
  • Gabay, D., & *Liu, A. “Cultivating Diverse Communities: Equity and Diversity in Canada’s Teaching and Learning Centres” (poster)
  • *Haqqee, Z., *Hwang, K. M., Goff, L., & Knorr, K. “The Impact of Peer Mentoring on Mentors in a Novel Course at McMaster University.” (paper).
  • Marquis, B., *Liu, A., *Radan, K. “Fostering Creativity within and amongst Disciplinary Communities” (presentation).
  • *Pillai Sathidevi, P., & Goff, L. “Demystifying Science Education: Developing a Conceptual Model” (poster).
  • *Van Egdom, C., van Gastel, G., Turak, A. “The Question of Labs: Questions that the Possibility of Online Laboratories Raise for Accreditation and the Role of the Lab in STEM Education” (presentation).
  • *Winch, H., *Shi T., & Cockcroft, R. “Clarifying Uncertainty about Uncertainties: Exploring a Threshold Concept of Error Analysis in Introductory Physics Courses” (poster).

ISSOTL Conference (Melbourne, October 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Agnew, M., *Ghilic, I., & *LoGiudice, A. Mobilizing translational research to foster the scholarship of change. (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L. Leading the learning of global justice: Exploring the potential of an interdisciplinary, community-engaged inquiry course.(presentation).

EuroSoTL Conference (Cork, June 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Barrington, J. & *White, E. Interdisciplinary Research on Teaching Philosophy Statements. (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., Ahmad, A., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L.  Developing student-staff partnerships through a SoTL ‘student scholars’ program. (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L. Using SoTL to develop and refine an interdisciplinary global justice inquiry course.  (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Vancouver, June 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Marquis, B., Goff, L., *Acai, A., Barrington, J., *Brain, R., *Charney, D., Cockcroft, R., Fenton, N.E., *Lee, A., *Radan, K., Swanson, C., Syed, Z. How do you partner with student scholars? (presentation)
  • Marquis, B., Preston, S., *Brain, R., *Radan, K., Busser, M., Marquis, N., Levinson, B., & Ross, M. Tuning into the practice of first year foundations courses. (presentation).
  • Monteiro, S., *McDonough, D., Dore, K. Norman, G., Grierson, L., McConnell, M. and Neville, A. Assessment in Online Education. 
  • Monteiro, S., *Sana, F. and *Fenesi, B. Lessons from the Lab to the Classroom.
  • Symons, S. L., Goff, L., Knorr, K., Cockcroft, R., Robinson, S. J., van Wersch, G., *Charney, D., Farquharson, M. J.  New interdisciplinary science course for first-year Faculty of Science students: Overview and results from the pilot (poster).

Opportunities & New Directions Conference (Waterloo, April 2015)

  • Marquis, B., *Bertolo, S., *Feldman, J., *Pantich, L., & *Ung, C. Making creativity visible: An examination of the presence and positioning of creativity within undergraduate course outlines.  (presentation).
  • *Lin, E., Marquis, B., *McKinnon, V. & *Wojcik, C. Making visible instructors’ use and perceptions of film as a teaching and learning tool. (presentation).


(Names denoted with an asterisk (*) indicate McMaster student partners.)

Marquis, E., *Black, C., & Healey, M. (2017 – online pre-publication). Responding to the challenges of student-staff partnership: Reflections of participants at an international summer institute. Teaching in Higher Education. DOI:

Marquis, E., *Radan, K., & *Liu, A. (2017). A present absence: Undergraduate course outlines and the development of student creativity across disciplines. Teaching in Higher Education, 22(2), 222-238. DOI:

Marquis, E., Jung, B., Fudge Schormans, A., *Lukmanji, S., Wilton, R., & Baptiste, S. (2016). Developing inclusive educators: Enhancing the accessibility of teaching and learning in higher education. The International Journal for Academic Development, 21(4), 337-349. DOI:

Marquis, E., Fudge Schormans, A., Jung, B., *Vietinghoff, C., Wilton, R., & Baptiste, S. (2016). Charting the landscape of accessible education for post-secondary students with disabilities. The Canadian Journal for Disability Studies, 5(2), 31-71. DOI: 10.15353/cjds.v5i2.272

Marquis, E., *Puri, V., *Wan, S., Ahmad, A., Goff, L., Knorr, K., *Vassileva, I., & *Woo, J. (2016). Navigating the threshold of student-staff partnerships: A case study from an Ontario teaching and learning institute. The International Journal for Academic Development 21(1), 4-15. DOI:10.1080/1360144X.2015.1113538

Marquis, E. & *Tam, V. (2015). Developing an interdisciplinary inquiry course on global justice: An inquiry-informed, cross-campus, collaborative approach. In J.M. Carfora & P. Blessinger (Eds.), Inquiry-Based Learning for Multidisciplinary Programs: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators (pp. 101-117). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Marquis, E. & *Henderson, J.A. (2015). Teaching creativity across disciplines at Ontario universities. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 45(1), 148-166. Available online at

In Press

Marquis, E., *Haqqee, Z., *Kirby, S., *Liu, A., *Puri, V., Cockcroft, R., Goff, L., & Knorr, K. (2016 – submitted). Connecting students and staff for teaching and learning inquiry: The McMaster student partners program. Submitted for inclusion in D. Fung, V. Tong, and B. Carnell (Eds.) (2017). Disciplinary Approaches to Connecting the Higher Education Curriculum. London: UCL Press.

Mercer-Mapstone, L., Dvorakova, S.L., Matthews, K.E., Abbot, S., *Cheng, B., Felten, P., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., *Shammas, R., & Swaim, K. (2017 – tentative). Students as partners in higher education: A systematic literature review. Accepted for publication in International Journal for Students as Partners.


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