Bruce Wainman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, an Adjunct Member of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Coordinator of Biological Sciences for the Ontario Midwifery Consortium. He is presently the Director of the Education Program in Anatomy as well as the Surgical Skills Lab at McMaster University. His research interests centre on interprofessional education, cognitive psychology and the effects of environmental contaminants on fertility and the menstrual cycle. Recently published eBooks include Pharmacology Revealed and Physical Assessment of the Well Woman and Newborn. His teaching excellence has been rewarded multiple times through the McMaster Student Union, the 2013 President’s Award for Educational Innovation, the Canadian Association for Medical Education Certificate of Merit Award in 2015 and, most recently in 2016, a 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Visualization of Complex Anatomy Using Augmented Reality – The HoloLens Project

We have previously shown that virtual reality (VR) and pictures are about 30% less efficacious than 3D models in learning real anatomy. The superiority of models may be due to a learning effect inherent in physically handling the model or that the 3D cadaver used for the test is most similar to the 3D model, which leads to transfer-appropriate processing (TAP). However, when physical handling of the models is removed no significant difference in the mean scores between the groups that handled the model or view the model and TAP was also shown to be insignificant. Further research has shown that the removal of stereopsis with an eye patch removes the superiority of the models for learning anatomy. We have concluded that true 3D is required for the most effective anatomy learning. Manufacturers of augmented and virtual reality systems suggest that holograms are indistinguishable from real objects. We are testing if anatomy produced for the HoloLens holographic lens is comparable to real objects in learning anatomy. This research is supported by the Education Program in Anatomy at the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and the MacPherson Institute.

Bruce Wainman