Community-based teaching portal: Connecting people and ideas

Work on the development and implementation of the Community-Based Teaching Portal (CBTP) is aimed at helping multi-stakeholder community-based projects coordinate their work, manage, preserve and provide access to project data and disseminate their products of student learning and research to the community. The team is currently working with pilot groups to launch the online portal for their community-based projects in order to solicit feedback and assess the functionality of the portal, its associated tools and its ability to augment the project goals. This work was made possible by a Forward With Integrity grant.

Authors: Nancy Doubleday, Jason Brodeur, Susan Dudley, Dustin Garrick, Daniel Coleman, Joanne Kehoe, Judy Major-Girardin, Jim Quinn, Peter Self, Chad Harvey

The IMPACT project: An interdisciplinary educational initiative focused on community engagement project

The IMPACT Project co-leads teach students how to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the local Hamilton community through the design of assistive devices. Undergraduate and graduate students work collaboratively to help clients, who live with various challenges (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, stroke). This interdisciplinary project provides opportunities to apply knowledge and critical thinking skills learned in their respective curricula. The design teams enjoy partnering with students from other diverse faculties. Throughout the learning process, students develop skills in teamwork, interpersonal communication skills, and design as well as leadership and empathy.  This project drives student creativity, innovation and community engagement. This interdisciplinary exchange of ideas creates meaningful learning experiences for students that lead to positive community change.

Authors: Lovaye Kajiura, Robert Fleisig, Brenda Vrkljan, Janette Barrington, Arshad Ahmad

Global justice inquiry and the development of a global justice hub

In Winter 2014, the Arts & Science program offered a new, interdisciplinary inquiry course devoted to global justice for the first time. (See the course description here). This unique course, which involves students and faculty from across campus, alumni, and community partners, was developed by an interdisciplinary committee based on an initial idea by Arts & Science Program founding Director Herb Jenkins. Preliminary research, conducted by Beth Marquis & Vivian Tam, sought to explore effective means of teaching for global justice in undergraduate classes, and ultimately informed the design of this course. A subsequent research project aims to understand how enrolled students understand global justice and experience learning about it in the course through in depth, qualitative interviews and an assessment of student course work.

Relevant Publications:
Marquis, E. & Tam, V. (in press). Developing an interdisciplinary inquiry course on global justice: An inquiry-informed, cross-campus, collaborative approach. Accepted for inclusion in J.M. Carfora & P. Blessinger (eds.), Inquiry-Based Learning for Multidisciplinary Programs.

Authors: Beth Marquis, Abraham Redda, Vivian Tam, Louise Twells

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