What we’re working on:

As part of the fully online MyOWNMcMaster degree program, our team is developing 10 Online History Courses for learners to earn a McMaster diploma and undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Course Listings

  1. History 1DD3 The Making of the Modern World

  2. Classics/History 1M03 History of Greece and Rome

  3. History 2A03 Modern Middle East

  4. History 3WW3 Women in Canada and the United States from 1920

  5. History 3H03 The Renaissance (Armstrong)

  6. History 2EE3 Science and Technology in World History (M. Egan)

  7. History 2SC3 Sport in Canada (Bouchier)

  8. History 3XX3 History of Human Rights (Bonny Iblawoh)

  9. History 3HQ3 History of Quebec (Michael Gauvreau)

  10. TBA – History 2CS3 Caribbean Slavery (Juanita DeBarros)


History Module

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