Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Educational Developer / ext.20857


I am an Educational Developer with the Educator Enhancement & Enrichment team at the MacPherson Institute. In my role, I support faculty, instructors, and teaching staff through consultations, seminars and development opportunities, new faculty orientation programming, feedback services, and other modes of support. I take joy in having the opportunity to speak with educators one-on-one to understand the challenges they face, as well as in facilitating Instructional Skills Workshops and other seminars. In previous lives, I have been an environmentalist, singer-songwriter, oceanographer, faculty member, and educational technologist – and transcending all these -ers and -ists, I have and am always a “general enthusiast” – eager to get excited about new opportunities and challenges.

Publications / Research

Teaching Courses

  • Regular instructor for EDU 650, occasional for EDU 600 and 700.