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Research Conferences


ISSOTL Conference (Calgary, Alberta, October 2017)

  • Agnew, M. Do I really belong here? Examining the implications of religious identity for student accommodation and inclusion in higher education. (presentation).
  • Blaney, J. & Agnew, M. Navigating the aspirations and anxieties of faculty development in post-colonial contexts. (presentation).
  • Bunnell, S., Abbot, S., Felten, P., *Katznelson, G., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., *McCorkle, M., & *Swaim, K. First Year Student Perspectives on SoTL Ethics Revisited: What Now? (panel).
  • Chick, N., Felten, P., Healey, M., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., & Poole, G. Getting published (and ‘meet the editor’). (workshop).
  • *Dvorakova, S.L., Matthews, K.E., Healey, M., *Acai, A., Cook-Sather, A., Felten, P., Healey, R., Marquis, E., & *Mercer-Mapstone, L. The adventures of engaging as partners: Exploring the literature to discover outcomes and reveal barriers. (presentation).
  • Evanovitch, J., Knorr, K, Brown, A., Blaney, J. & Faubert, J. A blended approach: Developing an international community of practice. (presentation).
  • Evanovitch, J.,Brown, A., & Blaney, J. Evaluating the impact of an international faculty development program. (presentation).
  • Healey, M., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., *Black, C., *Dvorakova, S., & *Guitman, R. Engaging students and faculty in a summer institute on students as partners. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Cook-Sather, A., *Krishna Prasad, S., *de Bie, A. Seeking to Promote Equity & Inclusion through Student-Faculty Partnership: New Horizons & Underexplored Terrain. (presentation).
  • Woolmer, C., Marquis, B., & Bovill, C. Exploring the relationship between Significant Networks and Faculty-Student Partnerships. (presentation).
  • Woolmer, C. & *Ameer, A. Empathise, Explore, and Engage: Applying Design Thinking principles to faculty-student partnerships. (presentation).

POD Conference (Montreal, Quebec, October 2017)

  • Cook-Sather, A. & Marquis, E. My perspective deeply matters: Promoting equity through student-faculty partnership. (presentation).

EuroSoTL Conference (Lund, Sweden, June 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Puri, V., & *Johnstone, K. Patterns of representation, patterns of practice: Exploring the influence of popular films on teaching and learning. (presentation).
  • *McConnell, C., Marquis, E., & *Mercer-Mapstone, L.Transforming patterns through partnership: Navigating identities and dissonance in student-staff partnerships. (presentation).
  • *Nair, M., *Cheng, B., Marquis, E., Roxå, T., & *Santinele Martino, A. How do teaching assistants make decisions in the classroom? (presentation).
  • Poole, H., Agnew, M., & Khan, A. Disrupting the calendar: Measuring the impacts of a week-long fall break on stress and academic success in undergraduate students. (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 2017)

  • Khan, A., Poole, H., Agnew, M., Smith, A., & *Ghilic, I. What is the impact of a week-long fall break on stress in undergraduate students? (poster).
  • Simmons, N., Gill, A., Groen, J., Miller-Young, J., *Verwoord, R., & Marquis, E. Building capacity through collaboration: SoTL Canada’s collaborative writing groups. (panel).
  • Stockdale, Liam. Twitter as a Teaching Tool in the Social Sciences Classroom. (pecha kucha presentation).

UCL Connected Curriculum Conference (London, England, June 2017)

  • Healey, M., Marquis, E., *Black, C., *Dvorakova, S., *Guitman, R., & Matthews, K. Building capacity through collaboration: SoTL Canada’s collaborative writing groups. (presentation).
  • Marie, J., Marquis, E., *Nair, M., *Wentink, M., Healey, M. Student-staff partnership in the scholarship of teaching and learning.(invited workshop).
  • Marquis, E., *Power, E., & *Yin, M. Shaping higher education through student-staff partnership in research, curriculum design, and pedagogic consultancy. (presentation).

RAISE International colloquium (June 2017)

  • Woolmer, C. The battleground for Students as Partners: The role of Critical Theory in challenging the potential (mis)appropriation of practice. (presentation).

CSSHE Conference (May 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Bhasin, S., *Jayaratnam, A., *Mishra, A., & *Rybkina, K. (May 2017). Excitement, indifference, and uncertainty: Exploring student perceptions of student-faculty partnership. Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Toronto, ON (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Aspenlieder, E., Fenton, N., Knorr, K., McDonald, C., *Nakhuda, H., Scott, F., *Shammas, R., & *Yee, E. (May 2017). Exploring the potentials and pitfalls of student-faculty partnership. Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Toronto, ON (symposium).

Coursera Partners Conference (Boulder, Colorado, March 2017)

  • Stockdale, L. Leveraging Expertise Effectively on an Interdisciplinary MOOC Design Team. (panel presentation).

SoTL Commons Conference (Savannah, Georgia, March 2017)

  • Marquis, E. Partnering with students on the scholarship of teaching and learning. (invited keynote presentation).

EDC Conference (Guelph, ON, February 2017)

  • Gill, A., Aspenlieder, E., Frake-Mistak, M., Beres, J., Cassidy, A. Mixed Messages: Exploring the Impact that SoTL Advocacy Can Have on Contingent Faculty. (presentation).
  • Gullage, A., Aspenlieder, E., Zeadin, M. The role of educational development in the quality assurance process. (presentation).
  • Popovic, C., Jeppesen, A., Korpan, C., Frake-Mistak, M., Le-May Sheffield, S., Aspenlieder, E. Accredit a Program Through the Educational Developers Caucus: Time to Work on Your Submission With Support from the Accreditation Review Committee. (presentation).
  • Taylor, R., Knorr, K. Rethinking Faculty Development Programming : Collecting Perspectives via Speed Dating. (workshop).
  • Zeadin, M., Evanovitch, J. & Fenton, N. Breaking Tradition: Developing team-based educational development practices. (presentation).

Winter Symposium on Digital Literacy in HE (Providence, Rhode Island, January 2017)

  • Kehoe, J. The digital literacy competencies of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. (panel)

ICED Conference (Cape Town, South Africa, November 2016)

  • Fenton, N., Faubert, J., Gartley, N. Quality in Educational Development Moving beyond a participant satisfaction feedback survey. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Knorr, K., Holmes, T., Apostolou, K., Centea, D., Cockcroft, R., Maclachlan, J., Monteiro, S. Intentional community and the formation of SoTL scholar identities. (presentation).

Symposium on SoTL in and Across Disciplines Conference (Banff, Alberta, November 2016)

  • Evanovitch, J., Fenton, N., & Zeadin, M. The Power of Collaborations: Students as Partners. (presentation).
  • Levinson, B., Allard, E., & Raha, S. Measuring University Students’ Teaching and Professional Skills Development in a Community-Based Learning Program. (presentation).
  • Poole, H., Agnew, M., & Khan, A. Impacts of the fall break on student stress and academics: A mixed-methods approach. (presentation).

Southern Economic Association Conference (Washington, DC, November 2016)

  • Allard, E., & O’ Shaughnessy, B. Student Preferences for Content Delivery Format in an Online Economics Course. (presentation).

ISSOTL Conference (Los Angeles, October 2016)

  • Allard, E., Friendly, R., Faubert, J., *Lee, R., & *Harrison, A. McMaster’s Teaching and Learning Certificates of Completion Program: A Narrative of Participants’ Experiences. (poster).
  • Bunnell, S., Felten, P., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Abbot, S., *Katznelson, G. International student perspectives on the ethics of SoTL research. (presentation).
  • *Dvorakova, L.S., *Swaim, K., *Mercer-Mapstone, L., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Felten, P. Exploring students as partners across countries and contexts through a systematic literature review conducted by students and staff. (presentation).
  • *Dvorakova, L.S., Matthews, K., *Akenson, A., Bounds, P., Felten, P., *Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., Maurer, T.W., *Puri, V., *Swaim, K., Taylor, P. Engaging students as partners in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA: Students and staff telling their stories. (panel).
  • Fenton, N. Evanovitch, J., & Zeadin, M. Valuing Relationships: Stories of Pedagogical Innovation and Leadership. (presentation).
  • Healey, M., *Dvorakova, L.S., Higgs, B., Marquis, E., Mårtensson, K., Matthews, K., McDonald, J. Exploring stories about SoTL International Collaborative Writing Groups (ICWGs). (panel).
  • Marquis, E., *Johnstone, K., & *Puri, V. Engaging popular narratives of higher education: SoTL, public pedagogy and the promise of filmic analysis. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Black, C., & Healey, M. Supporting the partnership narrative: The MIIETL summer institute and international experiences of student-staff partnerships. (presentation).


Learning Technologies Symposium (Hamilton, ON, October 2016)

  • Kehoe, J. Curation as a teaching and learning strategy. (presentation).
  • Kruithof, J. Digital Badges. (presentation).
  • Kruithof, J. Peer Review in PebblePad. (presentation).
  • Kruithof, J. and Oltean, L. Introducing WebEx. (presentation).
  • Stockdale, L. Scriptwriting for Online Learning Videos. (presentation).
  • Stockdale, L. Twitter as a Teaching Tool in the Undergraduate Classroom. (presentation).

RAISE (Loughborough, England, September 2016)

  • Bovill, C. and Woolmer C. Bottom-up and emergent institutional change: evaluating a student engagement course and a new network for academic staff. (presentation).
  • Woolmer, C. Staff and Students co-creating curricula: narratives of impact. (presentation).

Higher Education Conference (Netherlands, July 2016)

  • Ahmad, A., Goff, L., & Marquis, B. Institutional approaches to developing research-based curricula: Perspectives from McMaster University. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E. Implementing students as partners in teaching and learning. (presentation).

Improving University Teaching (Durham, England, July 2016)

  • Woolmer, C. Staff-student collaborations in Learning and Teaching: the need for deliberative spaces. (presentation).

D2L Fusion (July 2016)

  • Kruithof, J. and Oltean, L. (2016) Start your badging program today! D2L Fusion (workshop)

STLHE Conference (London, ON, June 2016)

  • Agnew, M., & *Halawa, S. Faith on campus: Understanding the impact of religious identity on student accommodation and inclusion. (presentation).
  • Ahmad, A., Stockdale, L., Agnew, M., *Ghilic, I., & Syed, Z. Incentivizing a digital community of practice for the eCampus Ontario portal. (2-hour workshop).
  • *Hwang, K. M., *Haqqee, Z., & Knorr, K. Exploring the Impact and Perception of a Novel Mentorship Course on Mentors one year post-completion. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Holmes, T., Apostolou, K., Centea, D., Cockcroft, R., Knorr, K., Maclachlan, J., Monteiro, S. Effecting change through a SoTL Fellows program. (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., *Black, C. & Healey, M. Empowering learners and effecting change through partnership: The ‘Students as Partners’ Summer Institute. (presentation).
  • Poole, H., Agnew, M., & Khan, A. One week, many ripples: Measuring the impacts of the McMaster fall break. (presentation).

CAOT Conference (Banff, Alberta, April 2016)

  • Chan, L., Martini, R., Gewurtz, R., Jung, B., Dhillon, S., Baptiste, S., Marquis, B., & Nolan, T. Perspectives of university students with mental illness. (poster).

Global Learn (Limerick, Ireland, April 2016)

  • Kehoe, J. Taking Canada Online: Converting the Geography of Canada course to an online version. (presentation).

University of Glasgow Annual Learning and Teaching Conference (Glasgow, Scotland, April 2016)

  • Woolmer, C. Student motivations for co-creating curricula. (presentation).

University of West of Scotland Learning and Teaching Conference (Scotland, March 2016)

  • Woolmer, C. Staff and students co-creating curricula: Reflections on research and implications for practice. (invited workshop).

EDC Conference (Windsor, ON, February 2016)

  • Knorr, K., Marquis, B., Holmes, T., Apostolou, K., Centea, D., Cockcroft, R., Karamanis, T., Maclachlan, J., & Monteiro, S. Crossing institutional borders to foster research in teaching and learning. (poster).
  • Knorr, K. Overcoming barriers and crossing borders to participate in educational development. (presentation).
  • Knorr, K., & Goff, L. Negotiating borders in course and program development: The intersection between faculty, students, and educational developer roles. (presentation).

MLA Conference (Austin, Texas, January 2016)

  • Maclachlan, J., & Parrott, J. CLIR (Council of Library and Information Resources) and Collaboration. (talk – peer reviewed).