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Student Partner Project Awards

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We would like to sincerely thank the following people for reviewing the Summer 2021 Student Partner Project Award Applications:
Erin Allard; Samantha Clarke; Irina Ghilic; Sharonna Greenberg; Paul Harrison; Chad Harvey; Kris Knorr; Lynn Martin; Vanessa Morris; Michelle Ogrodnik; Amy Pachai; Veronica Rodriguez Moncalvo; Abeer Siddiqui; Megan Suttie; Greg Van Gastel; Jennifer Williams; Kaitlin Wynia Baluk; Melec Zeadin.

If you would like to serve as a reviewer for a future round of applications, please email

Dr. Nikolai Penner  Publishing course materials for German 1Z06 in textbook format 
Chia-Yu Lin & Paniz Tavakoli  Making science more accessible through collaborative peer review process 
Bosco Yu  Enhancing First-Year Engineering Learner Engagement and Experiential Learning Opportunities in Materials Science Education Through the Development of Virtual Learning Modules 
Bosco Yu  Enhancing engineering students’ learning experiences in the Pivot program through well-designed student surveys and focus groups 
Erin Allard  Supporting and Planning for McMaster’s Paid TA Training 
Steven Bray, Krista Madsen & Michelle Ogrodnik  Department of Kinesiology: Strategizing for Curriculum Review. 
Frances Tuer  How Students Define “Teaching” in Online Courses 
Sharonna Greenberg  Creating a formative assessment study tool 
Ruth Chen  “Program for Excellence in Clinical Instruction” 
Kelsey Harvey  Evaluation of an award-based and virtual models for Students as Partners Projects 
Kyle Ansilio  “Assessing outcomes of the MacChangers Program” 
Amanda Kelly Ferguson  Clarifying evaluative expectations through rubric development 
Rebecca Taylor  “Indigenization of teaching and learning practices” 
Kelsey Harvey  Environmental Scan of Teaching & Learning Scholarship at McMaster University 
Lori Goff  Advancing changes to the end-of-term course evaluations 
Dani Pryke; Kate Brown; Anne Pottier; Alise de Bie; Emunah Woolf   “MI’s 50th anniversary anthology” 
Rachel Guitman  Developing Connections at The International Journal for Students as Partners 
Randy Kay  CityLAB Semester: Enhanced Opportunities for Engaged Learning 
Robert Fleisig  Making Teaching Portfolio Conversations Easier 
Maria Pratt  Remote Teaching and Learning Tools for PBL 
Alice O’Carroll  Preparing Science Graduate Students for Career Success 
Leahann Hendrickse  MCE Instructor Training Program: Navigating Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Adult Students 
Katie Harding & Abeer Siddiqui   Addressing the needs of independent research students in STEM 
Zaineb Hamoodi  The Feasibility of Implementing Aspects of Online Learning to In-Person Learning Based on the Perception of Students with Disabilities. 
Zaineb Hamoodi  Assessing the Implementation of Online assessments to In-Person Learning Based on the Perception of Students in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University 
Colleen Cupido  Virtual offering and validation of the Senior Fit Test for community clients from McMaster’s Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) 
Sarah McMath  MCE Mentorship Program for Newcomer Online Learners 
Anthony Chibba  “Bringing chemistry into secondary classrooms” 
Janet Pritchard  “Numeracy skills in educational co-ops” 
Colleen Cupido  Creation of Virtual Interactive Human Performance Lab experiences for community secondary school students and sports teams  
Miranda Schmidt & Pat Clancy  Improving the first year Physics experience: A comparative study of Introductory Physics courses for students in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering  
Alise de Bie  “arts-based approaches to educationl development: the impact of “zines” 
Sharonna Greenberg  Understanding the student experience in upper-year laboratories 
Alise de Bie
(on behalf of project team)
“Anthology of community-engaged learning at McMaster” 
Shelir Ebrahimi  Improving the Capstone Course Experience for Graduating Students of Chemical Engineering Department 
Sandhya Narikuzhy and Jeremy Sewnauth  Learning without Borders: An introduction to Experiential Learning 
Christopher Anand  “teamwork in the compuer science classroom” 
Dr. Stacey Ritz; Jennifer Williams  “Co-developing a sex and gender in health certificate program and network” 
Sarrah Lal  Virtual PBL for Health Innovation Education 
Melinda Gough  Bridging the (Close Reading) Gap: A Resource to Inspire and Embolden Students’ Creative and Critical Engagement with Shakespeare and/as Adaptation 
Sarrah Lal  “The innovator games” 
Alise de Bie  “Anthology of social movements and studnent activism at McMaster” 
Lori Goff; Alise de Bie  “Reflections on Teaching & Learning at McMaster” 
Sheila Sammon  History of Community Engaged Education at McMaster.  


Lori Goff Triangulating document analyses with perception data to better understand institutional teaching cultures
Pat Clancy Improving the first year Physics experience: A comparative study of Introductory Physics courses for students in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering
Emunah Woolf Politicizing Self-Advocacy to Address Disabled Students’ Experiences of Ableism
Janice Chaplin Creating a Social Work Practice Lab
Allison Leanage The Effectiveness of the Social Statistics Course in the Social Sciences
Allison Leanage Online Courses and Mental Health in Post-Secondary Education
Alise de Bie Service user approaches to educator development: Enhancing equity/accessibility through zine-based pedagogy
Cheryl Fenn Fundamentals of Math
Cheryl Fenn Social Inquiry
Sarrah Lal Innovation simulator: Enabling learners to engage with industry and health professionals to advance innovative projects
Fei Geng Engineering labs reinvented through experiential learning: Enhancing student outcomes through the flipping of virtual laboratories
Robert Fleisig Making Teaching Portfolio Conversations Easier
Behrouz Bakhtiari Examination in the Age of Wearable Technologies
Kyle Ansilio MacChangers – Research Study
Veronica Rodriguez Moncalvo Online Delivery of the SIS Teaching Assistant Development Program
Catherine Grise Enhancing tutorial teaching and learning in English and Cultural Studies
Jennie Vengris Improving preparation for Social Work field education
Kim Dej & Lori Goff Advancing changes to student evaluations of teaching
Kyle Ansilio MacChangers: Program design
Chia-Yu Lin, Kelly Nisbet & Chelsea Whitwell Your abstract has been accepted – now what? Creating an educational repertoire of contemporary and practical resource on presentation skill development
Stephen Mattucci Integrating reflection into 1st year Engineering
Rebecca Taylor & Stephanie Verkoeyen Indigenous education guide for McMaster educators
Stephen Mattucci A module approach to high-demand curriculum in Engineering
Andrea Cole Graduate student supervision at McMaster University: Survey analysis and knowledge mobilization
Allison Van Masters in public policy seminar development
Alise de Bie Mad student peer support and community organizing on campus: Documenting the work of the Hamilton mad students’ collective from 2012-2016
Lisa Dyce Changing conceptions of quality in Ontario Universities
Sarrah Lal Innovation simulator: Enabling learners to engage with industry and health professionals to advance innovative projects
Olga Perkovic Extending the OER by discipline guide for McMaster
Mark Busser Developing open resources on time management and stress management skills
George Dragomir & Sarah Symons Pedagogical interventions and evaluation: Perspectives on communication with students
Lori Goff Analyzing strategic documents to better understand institutional cultures
Behrouz Bakhtiari Examination in the age of wearable technologies
Jennifer Williams & Dr. Krista Howarth Investigating the perceptions of medical school students and faculty on development and implementation of a physical activity curriculum at McMaster University’s medical school
Catharine Munn Professor Hippo-on-Campus: Student mental health education program for educators and navigators
Sarah Symons Assisting Level I science students in determining honours program preferences
Mary Vaccaro Advancing the study of social policy in social work education
Sean Park Advancing designerly ways of knowing: Building campus wide capacity for design thinking *this project is being funded through the LTL program