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Course Consultant Partnership Program

The Course Consultant Partnership Program (formerly known as the Course Design/Delivery Partners Program) was developed to provide ongoing and meaningful support to faculty members in course development and course feedback. This program pairs faculty members with a second to fourth year undergraduate student whose role is to provide feedback for course development or course delivery.

This program is on hold until further notice.


Program structure and outcomes

Students will be paired with instructors to work collaboratively on (i) designing or redesigning aspects of a particular course, or (ii) providing feedback and suggestions on the delivery of a course (i.e., student partner attends some lectures or reviews online course content and offers feedback).

Student partners will meet with the program coordinators from the MacPherson Institute for approximately 1 hour per week to discuss relevant pedagogical theory, to provide meaningful feedback, and to offer effective mentorship.

The student partners are expected to meet with their faculty partner for 30-60 minutes per week to provide feedback and assistance in course development and delivery. In addition, the student partners will have approximately 2 hours per week for their own independent working time. The time commitment for the student partner is approximately 4 hours per week.


  • Student Applicant Requirements
    • Second to fourth year undergraduate students, or graduate student
    • Four hours per week time commitment
    • All majors/disciplines welcome
  • Faculty/Instructor Applicant Requirements
    • Must work on a McMaster University course that will be offered in the next 12 months
    • 30-60 minute per week time commitment
    • Consult twice during the grant term with an program coordinator to review progress
    • Identify a student with whom to partner
    • Faculty and instructors apply by completing the form below
    • All disciplines welcome


Applications will be assessed for:

  • whether the project includes a clear opportunity for students to contribute to the intellectual direction of the work;
  • whether the project makes a meaningful contribution to the enhancement of teaching and learning practice/knowledge; and
  • whether the faculty partner applicant has recently received funding through the Course Consultant Partnership Program.


The Student Partner’s Program operates on an award-based model. Funds awarded and distributed up to a maximum of 50 hours per project (to fund Student Partner hours). Project funds are transferred to the project lead and are held in departmental accounts.


Student hiring is completed by the faculty/staff partner’s department.

Application Form

This form is to be completed by faculty and course instructors only. Students who are wishing to apply to become a Student Design or Delivery Partner with the MacPherson Institute should visit the Student Partners Page, and look at the MacPherson Institute Student Partner Opportunities

Application Deadline: November 20th, 2020