Feedback On Teaching

Let us help you collect meaningful feedback and consider strategies to enhance your students’ learning experience. To schedule our feedback services, contact our team of Educational Developers at

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Course Observation

A course observation is a means of obtaining developmental feedback from a MacPherson Institute Educational Developer. You may have a general desire to engage in an in-depth conversation on good teaching, a desire to evaluate the implementation of a new technique or technology, or a goal to improve in a particular aspect of your teaching. Our confidential feedback, based on direct classroom observations or participation in online courses, leads to a personalized conversation centred around your particular teaching approaches and goals. The Educational Developers who do the visits also work with you to identify strategies that allow you to enhance your teaching strategically.

DIY Feedback 

Take the “Do It Yourself” approach using these feedback forms that you can customize for your own contexts. If you would like to speak with an Educational Developer about implementing this in your class, please contact

    • Stop, Start, Continue
    • Basic Course Refinement Questions
    • Content and Instruction Feedback Grid

Course Refinement

A course refinement is a means of collecting useful, personalized and timely feedback about a course you teach while you are teaching the course. During course design or delivery, you may have a teaching idea you’d like to explore or you may notice that an exercise or idea is not working as you anticipated. Your students are in the best position to tell you what is and isn’t working for them, but how do you solicit honest feedback without arousing students’ concerns about how their comments will be received? The process that we use allows us to collect student feedback on your behalf, anonymize it, and return it to you so that you can make decisions about how you may want to adjust the course at the midway point in the semester. It is a highly successful process that has received very positive feedback from instructors and students alike.

Request a Course Refinement

  • Please suggest 2 times that you are available for a phone call to discuss your course and schedule your course refinement. Please do not suggest times within 48 hours of this form’s submission.