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Learning Contract Guide

Welcome to the Faculty of Science: Learning Contract Guide. The information and videos provided here will help you prepare a structured learning contract for specific experiential learning opportunities, such as applied placement or research practicum courses, and help shape your learning as a student.

What is a learning contract?


Simple enough right? To recap; a learning contract will help you guide your own learning. It can lead you to better understand your personal growth and skill development. And ultimately help you to apply that knowledge to a variety of future experiences in the workplace, and beyond.

Learning contracts help academic supervisors track a student’s progress, support a student’s learning goals, and see how academic teaching is being applied to a variety of work-related opportunities.

Now let’s learn how to write one!

Writing a learning contract


Hopefully you are now well on your way to finalizing your contract. Remember, the video is simply a guide as to how to develop learning goals. It is up to you to determine what is important to you and personalize the goals you set for yourself. Here (coming soon) are a few more examples of learning contracts for different programs and opportunities.

Final lesson


Thank you for reviewing the Faculty of Science: Learning Contract Guide.

If you have any further questions after reviewing the content please contact your course coordinator and/or seek the assistance of your supervisor.

Thank you!