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Reflecting on Your Marking

Activity 1

Before you begin to learn about what adjustments you can make for a more efficient and marking practice, it’s helpful to understand your current marking practice.
Complete this scenario activity and consider the reflection questions below.


You have 30 short-answer responses to mark and you have set a goal to spend 1.5 hours to grade this assignment. This means that you have 3 minutes to mark each paragraph (90 minutes / 30 assignments).

The question students were asked to answer is as follows:

 “Explain what we can do as citizens to reduce the effects of global warming. Consider factors such as recycling, the impact of fossil fuels, and the impact of consumerism.” 


  • Set a timer for three minutes.
  • Mark the following paragraph and assign it a mark out of ten (/10) within that time limit.
  • Complete the reflection questions below.

Reflection Questions

  • Were you able to finish marking and assign a grade within 3 minutes? Did it feel rushed, or was it a comfortable amount of time? Would you be able to keep up this pace for another 29 assignments?
  • How did you decide what mark to assign the paragraph? What strengths and/or weaknesses in the response influenced this decision?