Student Partners Program

Collaborating with undergraduate and graduate students in pedagogical research and innovation.

Student Partners Program

Since 2013, the MacPherson Institute has engaged both undergraduate and graduate students in our Student Partners Program (SPP), which was developed in collaboration with the Arts & Science program. The program was designed for students who are interested in pedagogical research and innovation. Since its inception, a wide range of students have contributed to the enhancement of teaching and learning at McMaster by participating in projects run through the SPP. Members of the student team have contributed to the design and development of new courses, helped to create resources for faculty and students, and collaborated with staff and faculty partners on research projects related to teaching and learning. Several have also co-authored research articles and conference presentations related to their work, co-facilitated our International Summer Institute on Student Partnerships, or served as reviewers or co-editors for the International Journal for Students as Partners, which is housed at McMaster. Below is a list of recent publications and presentations involving students as partners in research work.

 Student partners are hired three times a year—in May, September, and January. The call for applications for Summer 2019 is now open. See the list of projects currently seeking student partners here.

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The call for applications for Summer 2019 student partners is now open. Applications are due by 4:30pm on 1 April 2019, and should be submitted via the online submission form.

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For more information about becoming involved, please see the Student Partner Program Guidebook

Student Partners Program Network Events 

The MacPherson institute has expanded its program of events to support students and faculty who are engaged in partnership work across campus. The program continues to offer specific support to projects funded through the Student Partners Program, such as research skills, project meetings, and an annual symposium. Through the expanded program, MacPherson will be offering events to the wider McMaster community who have an interest in the research and practice of partnerships in teaching and learning. New events will include journal groups to discuss the scholarship of partnership, project development workshops, an expert speaker series, and support for publishing work in this area.

Contact: Dr. Cherie Woolmer

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(Names denoted with an asterisk (*) indicate McMaster student partners.)

McMaster Research on Teaching and Learning Conference (Hamilton, December 2018)

  • *Follwell, T., *Santinele Martino, A., & Marquis, E. “Teaching at the Intersections: Identity, Social Location, and the Experiences of Teaching Assistants.” (presentation)
  • *de Bie, A., Marquis, E., *Suttie, M., *Watkin-McClurg, O., & Woolmer, C. “Advancing Accessible Education at McMaster: Considering the Motivations and Metaphors that Promote Particular Scales of Change.” (presentation)
  • Woolmer, C., Fenton, N., *Suh, J.S. “Examining the Impact of a Faculty Leadership Program on Educational Development Using Social Network Analysis.” (presentation)

ISOTL Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Banff, November 2018)

  • Woolmer, C., *Suh, J.S., Fenton, N. “Utilizing Social Network Analysis Methodology in Research on Teaching and Learning” (presentation)

ISSOTL Conference (Bergen, October 2018)

  • Ahmad, A., Roxå, T., Cassidy, R., *VanMaaren, J, & Barrington, J. “Re-Conceptualizing the Assessment of Teaching: Two Contrasting Examples of Policy Uptake” (presentation)
  • Marquis, E., *Guitman, R., Woolmer, C., & *Nguyen, E. “Identity, Social Location, and Staff Experiences of Pedagogical Partnership.” (presentation)
  • Marquis, E., *Santinele Martino, A., & *Follwell, T. “Teaching at the Intersections: Identity, Social Location, and the Experiences of Teaching Assistants (presentation)
  • Mercer-Mapstone, L., *Acai, A., *Guitman, R., Bovill, C., Felten, P., & Marquis, E. “Mind the (Gender) Gap! Challenging Gendered Notions of Expertise through Students as Partners (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Sherbrooke, June 2018)

  • *Afshin, S., & *Farquharson, S., Fisher, K., Chen, R. “Development and Implementation of a Peer Mentorship Model to Facilitate Teaching and Learning of Statistical Concepts for Undergraduate Nursing Students ” (presentation)
  • *LoGuidice, A., Ahmad, A., Cassidy, R., Rabah, J., *Saadat, P., Norman, G., Barrington, J. “Does a Deep Approach to Learning Lead to Better Outcomes?” (presentation)
  • *Tahir, I., *Radauskas, V., van Mierlo, V., Tracey, A., da Silva, R. “Blended Learning in a Science Classroom (SoTL)” (presentation)
  • Marquis, E., *Jayaratnam, A., *Lei, T., & *Mishra, A. “Motivations, Barriers, & Facilitators: How Students at Four Universities Perceive Student-Faculty Partnership Programs” (presentation)
  • *Stypulkowski, A., Poole, H., Khan, A. “The role of social support networks as a buffer against student stress around academic reading breaks” (poster)
  • Hewitson, T., *Hawilo, H., Khan, A. “Fostering Student Achievement through Community-Engaged Education” (poster)
  • Marquis, E., *Cheng, B., *Nair, M., Roxå, T., & *Santinele Martino, A. “‘It was very much trial by fire”: Exploring TAs’ experiences in the classroom (presentation)
  • Bloemhof, B. “Student Engagement as an Introductory Financial Accounting Course Evolves” (presentation)
  • Scott, F., *Kang, A., *Nakhuda, H., & Ross, W. “Evaluating PebblePad for the Master of Public Health Learning Plan and Portfolio” (presentation)

ICED Conference (Atlanta, June 2018)

  • Ahmad, A., Cassidy, R., Roxå, T., Barrington, J., *VanMaaren, J. “Reconceptualizing the Assessment of Teaching in Higher Education” (presentation)

CASN Canadian Nursing Education Conference (Montreal, May 2018)

  • Bryant-Lukosius, D. et al. “Application of a Curriculum Review Framework to Guide the Renewal of Graduate Nursing Education” (presentation)
  • Martin, L., *Chouvalova, A., *McLean, K., & Shuhaibar, E. “Student-facutly partnerships in nursing education: A necessity for the future” (presentation)

American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting (San Diego, April 2018)

  • Wainman, B., *Pukas, G., *Wolak, L., Zheng, E., Norman, G. “Virtual Unreality—Promise vs. Performance of Technology in Anatomy Education.” (presentation)
  • *Wolak, L.K., *Pukas, G.A., *Mitchell, J., Lamb, J., Romaniuk, M., Norman, G., Monteiro, S., & Wainman, B. “X-Reality and the Microsoft Hololens: A Hollow Tool for Anatomical Education” (poster)
  • *Pukas, G., *Wolak, L., Mohanraj, S., Lamb, J., Norman, G., Wainman, B. “X-Reality and the Htc Vive: Virtually No Match for the Physical Model in Anatomical Education.” (poster)

OND Conference (Waterloo, April 2018)

  • *Stypulkowski, A., Poole, H., & Khan, A. “Fall reading breaks: A first step in supporting student stress and well-being” (poster)
  • Avarino, A., Smith, A., Poole, H., Khan, A., Sheidow, J. “”Breaking” Under Pressure: The Effects of the Fall Break on Student Stress” (poster)

Dalhousie Creating Space Conference (Halifax, April 2018)

  • *Cavanagh, A., Ritz, S., & Sreeram, P. “Teaching Sex/Gender and Health: Critical Reflections on Power, Identity, and Social Location in Health Sciences Education” (presentation)

MI Student Partners Symposium (Hamilton, April 2018)

  • *Foran, G. “Co-coordinating the Course Design/Delivery Consultants Program: A Student Partner’s Perspective” (poster)
  • *Wice, L., Hassan, E., Fleisig, R. “IMPACT Project: Interaction of Skill & Perceived Importance of Engineering Curriculum Activities” (poster)
  • *McKenny, P., Anderson, C. “Partnership for IQAP” (discussion)
  • *Smith, L., Leonard, E., Dej, K., Knorr, K., Goff, L., & *Thomas, A. “Exploring prior academic success as an indicator of peer mentoring ability” (poster)
  • *Suh, J., Fenton, N., Woolmer, C. “Applying social network analysis to examine Faculty connections and conversations about teaching and learning” (discussion)
  • *Alconcel, H., *Fang, C., Pratt, M. “Student Collaboration in McMaster Accelerated Nursing Undergraduate Program: PBL/PBL and Professional Practice” (poster)
  • *Attalla, J.,*Yin, M., Dej, K., & Raha, S. “Creating an interactive e-book about anxiety” (discussion)
  • *Oralova, G., Binnie, S., & D’Angelo, W. “Cross-Language Transfer of Syntactic Awareness” (poster)
  • *Stypulkowski, A., Agnew, M., Khan, A., Poole, H. “Fall Reading Breaks: A First Step in Supporting Student Stress and Well-Being” (poster)
  • *Mobarak, O., *Zeng, Q. Dej, K., Knox, J., Symons, S., da Silva, R., Harvey, C. “SCIENCE 2M03: Science for the Global Citizen” (discussion)
  • *Sapa, A., *Dhillon, M. *Sakhuja, P., & Marquis, E. “Documentary Film, Pedagogy and Social Change” (discussion)
  • *Sayles, M., de Bie, A., Brown, K., Pottier, A. “Forward with FLEXibility Project: Creating a Graphic History of Disability Rights Activism at McMaster” (discussion)
  • *Krishna Prasad, S., *de Bie, A., Marquis, E., Cook-Sather, A., *Ntem, A., *Luqueño, L. “Different Ways of Teaching and Learning Together: Facilitating Equity and Inclusion through Student-Faculty Partnership” (discussion)
  • *Green, A., *Ling, C., *Syed, M., & Scheidecker, A. “A Needs-Assessment for the Development of a Simulation-based Training Course in the Pain Medicine Residency and Fellowship Program at McMaster University” (discussion)
  • *Thomas, A. & Leonard, E. “Peer-Mentoring in Life Sciences: Fostering our Future Leaders” (poster)
  • *Williams-Habibi, S., *Aggarwal, A., *Joslin, R., & *Sivanesanathan, V. , de Bie, A., & Brown, K. “User testing for web accessibility: Drawing from disability knowledge and assistive technology experience to inform and enhance accessible website development at McMaster University” (discussion)
  • *Brown, K., *Denicola, S., Heidebrecht, D., Sammon, S., Singh, S. “Community engaged education toolkit” (discussion)
  • *Tahir, I. & da Silva, R., “Preliminary Analysis of Blended learning in Biology 1A03: Student Outcomes and Perceptions” (poster)
  • *Pukas, G., *Wolak, L., Mohanraj, S., Lamb, J., Norman, G., & Wainman, B. “X-Reality and the HTC Vive: Virtually No Match for the Physical Model in Anatomical Education” (poster)
  • *Van Bakel, A., *Andal, A., & Martin, L. “Improving Nursing Students’ Clinical Skills Using Video Assessment” (poster)
  • *Maksymetz, C., *Duncan, S., *Lepingwell-Tardieu, A.M., & Grodek, E. “Student Curriculum Consultants in the Department of French: Implementing Departmental Changes” (poster)
  • *Eshaghpour, A., *Ng, K., *Xu, G., Chen, T., *Kirubarajan, A., Kuo, K., Ng, M., Bayer, I., Helli, P., Norman, G., Ball, A., & Wainman, B. “A crossover randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of video modules on anatomy and physiology learning” (poster)
  • *Selvakumaran, K., & Bayer, I. “Utilizing Design Thinking to Guide Course Re-Design of a Graduate Level Online Course” (poster)
  • *Bishop, E., *Leclair, R., Wainman, B., & Ball, A. “A Study in Blue: Does Increasing Contrast of Brain Slices Improve Neuroanatomy Learning?” (poster)
  • *Filler, T. & DiLiberto, D. “Evaluation of learning strategies for building global health research competencies” (discussion)
  • *Strong, Z., & Malik, M. “Looking for a Challenge: The evolution and fulfillment of student learning objectives in practice-focused disciplines” (discussion)

McMaster Research on Teaching and Learning Conference (Hamilton, December 2017)

  • *Guitman, R., *Black, C., & Marquis, E. “Fostering Teaching and Learning Partnerships Through An International Summer Institute On Students As Partners” (presentation)
  • Ahmad, A., *Graystone, L, *Acai, A., & Fenton, N. “Are we Making a Difference? Building Partnerships to maximize the impact of our work” (workshop)
  • *Majid, U., *Syed, M., Sallad, A., *Thomas, A., Dej, K., Leonard, E., & Khan, A. ““Peer Mentorship in Higher Education: Challenges, Innovations, and New Directions” (panel)
  • *Krishna Prasad, S., *de Bie, A., & Marquis, E. “Different Ways of Teaching and Learning Together: Facilitating Equity and Inclusion Through Student Faculty Partnership” (presentation)
  • Marquis, E., *Mishra, A., *Jayaratnam, A., & *Rybkina, K. “Motivations, Facilitators, and Barriers: Student Perceptions of Participating in Student-Faculty Partnership” (presentation)
  • *de Bie, A., *Kumbhare, S., *Evans, J., & *Mantini, S. “Parting From Partnership to Enable Collaboration: Disabled Student Perspectives” (presentation)
  • *de Bie, A., *Bolger, R., Brown, K., *Singh, S., & *Sayles, M. “We All Have A Role To Play: Partnering With Students To Facilitate Accessibility in The Classroom” (workshop)
  • *Acai, A., *Guitman, R., & *Kirby, S. “Reflections On An International Summer Institute For Students As Partners: A Student Perspective” (panel)
  • Kajiura, L., Fleisig, R., Hassan, E., Vrkljan, B., *Beswick, C, & *Jhirad, A. “Implementing Partnerships that have IMPACT” (presentation)
  • Leonard, E., Knorr, K., Dej, K., Goff, L., & *Thomas, A. “A+ or C- Mentor: Exploring Prior Academic Success As An Indicator of Peer Mentoring Ability” (presentation)
  • *Pukas, G.A., *Wolak, L., Lamb, J., *Mitchell, J., *Romaniuk, M., Monteiro, S., Norman, G., & Wainman, B. “Extended Reality And The Microsoft Hololens: A Hollow Tool For Anatomy Education” (presentation)
  • Chaplin, J., *Dagnachew, E., *de Bie, A., & Vengris, J. “Faculty-Student Field Collaborations To Enhance Accessibility And Inclusion In Social Work Placements” (presentation)
  • *McKenny, P., *Varanese, J., & Anderson, C. “Program Review: Nightmare? or Dream Come True With Student-Staff-Faculty Partnerships” (workshop)

ISSOTL Conference (Calgary, October 2017)

  • Bunnell, S., Abbot, S., Felten, P., *Katznelson, G., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., McCorkle, M., & Swaim, K. “First Year Student Perspectives on SoTL Ethics Revisited: What Now?” (panel).
  • Dvorakova, S.L., Matthews, K.E., Healey, M., *Acai, A., Cook-Sather, A., Felten, P., Healey, R., Marquis, E., & Mercer-Mapstone, L. “The Adventures of Engaging as Partners: Exploring the Literature to Discover Outcomes and Reveal Barriers.” (presentation).
  • Healey, M., Marquis, E., *Guitman, R., *Black, C., Matthews, K., & Dvorakova, S. “Engaging Students and Faculty in a Summer Institute on Students as Partners.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Cook-Sather, A.,*Krishna Prasad, S., & *de Bie, A. “Seeking to Promote Equity & Inclusion through Student-Faculty Partnership: New Horizons & Underexplored Terrain.” (presentation)
  • *Graystone, L., Ahmad, A., Fenton, N., & *Acai, A. “Measuring Impact: From the Ground Up” (Workshop)
  • *VanMaaren, J., *Ansilio, K, & Ahmad, A. “Students as Partners: Theory, Practice, and Beyond” (presentation)
  • *Dam, H, Martin, L., Fenton, N., & *Perella, A. “Partnering Research with Practice in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry” (presentation
  • Ahmad, A., & *Kinsella, K. “High Quality Teaching Philosophy Statements: A Study on (and for) new teachers” (presentation)

Western Conference on Science (London, July 2017)

  • *van Egdom, C., van Gastel, G., Turak, A., “Students as partners in designing virtual labs — the value of conflict in developing engaging experiences” (presentation)

UCL Connected Curriculum Conference (London, June 2017)

  • Healey, M., Marquis, E., *Black, C., *Guitman, R., Dvorakova, S., & Matthews, K. “Developing International Experiences of Student-Staff Partnerships in Learning, Teaching and Research in Higher Education.” (presentation).
  • Marie, J., Marquis, E.,*Black, C., *Guitman, R., Wentink, M., & Healey, M. “Student-Staff Partnership in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” (invited workshop).
  • Marquis, E., *Power, E., & *Yin, M. “Shaping Higher Education through Student-Staff Partnership in Research, Curriculum Design, and Pedagogic Consultancy.” (presentation).
  • Vieru, S., Smith, A., Healey, M., & *Power, E. “The Student’s Role in Research-Based Education.” (invited panel). 

STLHE Conference (Halifax, June 2017)

  • Carter, P., Doyle, T., Fenton, N., Malik, M., Penner, N., *Ross, W., Symons, S., & Wahoush, O. “Using Collaborative Autoethnography as a Gateway to Understanding Stories of Teaching.” (presentation).
  • Khan, A., Poole, H., Agnew, M., Smith, A., & *Ghilic, I. “What is the Impact of a Week-long Fall Break on Stress in Undergraduate Students?” (poster).
  • McAteer, T., *Ross, W., & *Graystone, L. “Supporting MBA Students on the Path to Success: Transformative Learning Experiences Within a Leadership Foundations Course” (presentation). 
  • McAteer, T., & *Goitanich, D. “Undergraduate Leadership Development through Transformational, Self-Initiated Learning and Reflection.” (presentation).

EuroSoTL Conference (Lund, June 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Puri, V., & *Johnstone, K. “Patterns of Representation, Patterns of Practice: Exploring the Influence of Popular Films on Teaching and Learning.” (presentation).
  • *Nair, M., *Cheng, B., Marquis, E., Roxå, T., & *Santinele Martino, A. “How do Teaching Assistants make Decisions in the Classroom?” (presentation).

CSSHE Conference (Toronto, May 2017)

  • Marquis, E., *Bhasin, S., *Jayaratnam, A., *Mishra, A., & *Rybkina, K. “Excitement, Indifference, and Uncertainty: Exploring Student Perceptions of Student-Faculty Partnership.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., Aspenlieder, E., Fenton, N., Knorr, K., McDonald, C., *Nakhuda, H., Scott, F., *Shammas, R., & *Yee, E. “Exploring the Potentials and Pitfalls of Student-Faculty Partnership.” (symposium).

Experimental Biology Conference (Chicago, April 2017)

  • *Wolak, L.K., *Pukas, G.A., Zheng, Y.H., Monteiro, S., Norman, G.R., Wainman, B. “Physical Models Dominate: The Pirate Patch Study” (poster)
  • *Romaniuk, M., *Mitchell, J., Lamb, J., Bayer, I., Wainman, B. “The Promise of Mixed Reality in Anatomical Education” (poster)
  • Chen, H., Ng, M., *Kirubarajan, A., Kuo, K., Ball, A.K., Bayer, I., Helli, P.B., Wainman, B.C. “A Crossover Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Use of Animations and Interactivity in Anatomy and Physiology Education” (poster)

MacPherson Student Partners Symposium (Hamilton, April 2017)

  • *Power, E. & *Yin, M. “Faculty, Students, and Pedagogical Change” (presentation)
  • *Das, S., & *Leanage, A. “Measure Facilitators’ Growth in the McMaster Children and Youth University (MCYU) in the City program” (presentation)
  • *Chan, C. “Redesigning Labs for a Computed Tomography Course in the Medical Radiation Sciences Program” (presentation)
  • *Maksymetz, C., & *Watter, A. “Curriculum Consultants for a Pilot Project in the Department of French” (presentation)
  • *Chouvalova, A., & *McLean, K. “Strategies to Enhance the Acquisition of Clinical Skills in the Undergraduate Nursing Program at McMaster University” (presentation)
  • *Zarcone-Beam, K. “Blended Learning in Italian 1Z06” (presentation)
  • *Black, C. & “Guitman, R. “Student-faculty Partnerships” (presentation)
  • *Taheri, C. “A Novel Mixed Methodological Approach to Developing Learner-centred Courses” (presentation)
  • *Kofman, N. “Redesign the courses Science 3M03 and 1A03” (presentation)
  • *Wolak, L., *Pukas, G., Zheng, Y.H., Norman, G., Monteiro, S., & Wainman, B. “Physical Models Dominate: The Pirate Patch Study” (poster)
  • *Nakhuda, H. “Exploring Master of Public Health (MPH) Program Students’ experience using Pebble Pad” (poster)
  • *Lu, D. “Student Experience in the MacChangers Program” (poster)
  • *Naranjo, A. “MacChangers as interdisciplinary inquiry” (poster)
  • *Kirubarajan, A. “How to Effectively Communicate Anatomy and Physiology Concepts to Undergraduate Students in HTH SCI 2F03/2FF3 ” (poster)
  • *Bhasin, S., *Jayaratnam, A., *Mishra, A., & *Rybkina, K. “Excitement, Indifference, and Uncertainty: Exploring Student Perceptions of Student-Faculty Partnerships” (presentation)
  • *Acai, A. “The 3M National Teaching Fellowship (3MNTF) Program” (presentation)

ISSOTL Conference (Los Angeles, October 2016)

  • Marquis, E., *Johnstone, K., & *Puri, V. “Engaging Popular Narratives of Higher Education: SoTL, Public Pedagogy and the Promise of Filmic Analysis.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., *Black, C., & Healey, M. “Supporting the Partnership Narrative: The MIIETL Summer Institute and International Experiences of Student-Staff Partnerships.”(presentation).
  • Bunnell, S., Felten, P., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Abbot, S., & *Katznelson, G. “International Student Perspectives on the Ethics of SoTL Research.” (presentation).
  • Dvorakova, L.S., Matthews, K., Akenson, A., Bounds, P., Felten, P., *Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., Maurer, T.W., *Puri, V., Swaim, K., Taylor, P.  “Engaging Students as Partners in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA: Students and Staff Telling their Stories.” (panel).

International Planetarium Society Conference (Warsaw, June 2016)

  • Cockcroft, R., *Fare, I., Symons, S. “Steering the Stars: Undergraduate-controlled planetarium to drive student learning” (poster)
  • Cockcroft, R., & *Fare, I. “A closer, clearer cosmos: Investigating planetarium efficacy in higher education” (presentation)

STLHE Conference (London, ON, June 2016)

  • Agnew, M., & *Halawa, S. “Faith on Campus: Understanding the Impact of Religious Identity on Student Accommodation and Inclusion” (presentation)
  • Agnew, M., Ahmad, A., Barrington, J., *Ghilic, I., Stockdale, L., Syed, Z. “Incentivizing a Digital Community of Practice for the eCampus Ontario Portal.” (workshop)
  • Ahmad, A., Barrington, J., *Ali, A., *Merritt, O., Kim, J. “Perceptions of Approaches to Teaching and their Relationship to Student Performance.” (presentation).
  • *Dam, H. Fenton, N., Martin, L., *Ge, Y. “Exploring the Meaning of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry”
  • *Hwang, K. M., *Haqqee, Z., & Knorr, K. “Exploring the Impact and Perception of a Novel Mentorship Course on Mentors One Year Post-Completion.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, E., *Black, C. & Healey, M. “Empowering Learners and Effecting Change through Partnership: The ‘Students as Partners’ Summer Institute.” (presentation).

University of Guelph Accessibility Conference (Guelph, ON, May 2016)

  • *Brown, K. & *Ieshu, R. “Fully Online AODA Compliance Training: Questioning its Effectiveness Through Reflection and Conversation” (presentation).

MIIETL International Summer Institute on Students as Partners (Hamilton, ON, May 2016)

  • *Acai, A., Healey, M., *Kirby, S., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., *Shammas, R. “Change Institute: Developing Students as Partners Initiatives” (3-day Institute; co-designed by *Christine Black).

MIIETL Student Partners Symposium (Hamilton, ON, April 2016)

  • *Brown, K., *Harji, K., *Ieshu, R., Castrodale, M. “Web-Based Strategy to aid in Compliance with AODA Accessibility Teaching Standards” (presentation)
  • *Dam, H, *Ge, Y, Fenton, N., & Martin, L. “Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (URI) and the Student Experience” (presentation) 
  • *Halawa, S. & Agnew, M. “Role of Faith in Higher Education.” (presentation)
  • *Haqqee, Z., Goff, L., & Knorr, K. “Peer Mentorship Programs” (presentation)
  • *Johnstone, K., *Puri, V., & Marquis, E. “Representations of Higher Education in Film and Media” (presentation).
  • *Kinsella, K., Ahmad, A. & Barrington, J. “Student-Centeredness’ and its relationship to perceived quality of Teaching Philosophy Statements.”
  • *He, S., Cockcroft, R. “Impact of SCIENCE 1A03 on First Year Students.”
  • *Liu, A., *Marcaccio, A., & Marquis, E. “Current Perceptions and Experiences of Digital Humanities Pedagogy at McMaster” (presentation).
  • *Narayan, A., & Fenton, N. “Assessing Variety of Teaching Philosophy across Disciplines”
  • *Redda, A., Twells, L., & Marquis, E. “Student Experiences in McMaster’s ‘Global Justice Inquiry’ Course” (presentation).

MIIETL Research on Teaching and Learning Conference (Hamilton, December 2015)

  • *Bodoe, A.C., *Kousoulas, P., & Cockcroft, R. “Helping Science Students with the High School-to-University Transition” (poster).
  • Cockcroft, R., Dunn, K., Kim, J., McCurdy, T., Volterman, K., *LoGuidice, A., *Kirby, S. “Collaborative Assessment: Research and Implementation across Faculties at McMaster” (presentation).
  • Cockcroft, R., *Gonsalves, K., & *He, S. “How Do Students’ Perceptions of SCIENCE 1A03 Compare Over Time?” (presentation).
  • *Fare, I. & Cockcroft, R. “Small Steps into the Sky: Introductory Astronomy Students’ Knowledge Prior to Planetarium Education” (poster).
  • Friendly, R. H., Allard, E., & *Lee, R. “Formation and Evaluation of McMaster’s New Teaching and Learning Certificate Program.” (presentation)
  • Gabay, D., & *Liu, A. “Cultivating Diverse Communities: Equity and Diversity in Canada’s Teaching and Learning Centres” (poster)
  • *Haqqee, Z., *Hwang, K. M., Goff, L., & Knorr, K. “The Impact of Peer Mentoring on Mentors in a Novel Course at McMaster University.” (paper).
  • Marquis, B., *Liu, A., *Radan, K. “Fostering Creativity within and amongst Disciplinary Communities” (presentation).
  • *Pillai Sathidevi, P., & Goff, L. “Demystifying Science Education: Developing a Conceptual Model” (poster).
  • *Van Egdom, C., van Gastel, G., Turak, A. “The Question of Labs: Questions that the Possibility of Online Laboratories Raise for Accreditation and the Role of the Lab in STEM Education” (presentation).
  • *Winch, H., *Shi T., & Cockcroft, R. “Clarifying Uncertainty about Uncertainties: Exploring a Threshold Concept of Error Analysis in Introductory Physics Courses” (poster).

ISSOTL Conference (Melbourne, October 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Agnew, M., *Ghilic, I., & *LoGiudice, A. “Mobilizing Translational Research to Foster the Scholarship of Change.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L. “Leading the Learning of Global Justice: Exploring the Potential of an Interdisciplinary, Community-Engaged Inquiry Course.”(presentation).

EuroSoTL Conference (Cork, June 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Barrington, J. & *White, E. “Interdisciplinary Research on Teaching Philosophy Statements.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., Ahmad, A., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L.  “Developing Student-Staff Partnerships through a SoTL ‘Student Scholars’ Program.” (presentation).
  • Marquis, B., *Redda, A., & *Twells, L. “Using SoTL to Develop and Refine an Interdisciplinary Global Justice Inquiry Course.”  (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Vancouver, June 2015)

  • Ahmad, A., Marquis, B., Goff, L., *Acai, A., Barrington, J., *Brain, R., *Charney, D., Cockcroft, R., Fenton, N.E., *Lee, A., *Radan, K., Swanson, C., Syed, Z. “How do you Partner with Student Scholars?” (presentation)
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Opportunities & New Directions Conference (Waterloo, April 2015)

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(Names denoted with an asterisk (*) indicate McMaster student partners.)

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In Press/Under Review

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