Teaching and Learning Networks

Teaching & Learning Networks – or TLNs – are informal groups of educators that seek to enhance their knowledge and/or skills in a particular topic of relevance to teaching and learning. Co-Chaired by faculty & supported by MacPherson Institute Educational Developers, participants engage in their topic of interest by sharing strategies, asking questions, and generating ideas as a group, which leads to a shared professional practice. Participation in these learning groups, though informal, is yet a form of engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Join us! For more information or to join a TLN group, contact our team of Educational Developers at eee@mcmaster.ca.

Level One Instructors

The Level 1 Instructors Teaching & Learning Network – Teaching Level 1 (1st Yr) courses offers unique challenges and exciting opportunities. This Level 1 Instructors TLN shares best practices for teaching and learning, discusses effective methods for engaging Level 1 students, and offers diverse opportunities for intra-inter departmental collaboration amongst educators to enhance their skills.

Sandra Colavecchia
Lovaye Kajiura

Meetings : 10:30-11:20am
Monday, January  29th  – MacPherson Boardroom
Feb. 28th – MacPherson Boardroom
Mar. 26th – Windy Room

Teaching Professors

The unique demands of Teaching Professor positions at McMaster can leave some people in this role with questions about self-identity and expectations. This role-based community meets to exchange ideas around permanence, excellence in teaching and leadership and scholarship in teaching and learning, including funding strategies. In addition, continued conversations of tips ‘n tricks are regular topics of discussion.

Hannah Holmes
Sandra Colavecchia

Meeting Time :  TBA

Student Engagement in Course Work

Are you wondering how to get students motivated inside the classroom? Join us for four informal discussions oriented around topics such as problem-based learning, group work, and student engagement in lectures. Discussions will be supported by resources provided by an educational developer from the MacPherson Institute.
Co-Chairs: Ana Tomljenovic-Berube (tomljeam@mcmaster.ca) & Aadil Merali (merali@mcmaster.ca)
Educational Developer: Jennifer Faubert, fauberjl@mcmaster.ca

Co-Chair: Ana Tomljenovic-Berube
Aadil Merali 

Educational Developer: Jennifer Faubert

Meetings: 2018 TBA

Accessibility and Equity

Do you have teaching-related responsibilities on campus (e.g. faculty, sessional, TA, course designer, facilitator of workplace training, writing tutor, learning support, etc.)? Would you like to debrief accessibility issues and innovations encountered in your teaching context this year? Join us for donuts and dialogue at our first meetings listed below! 

Linda Davis
Alise de Bie

Meetings :
Monday, May 28 1pm – 3pm in Mills Library
3rd floor “Community Room” L304
Thursday, May 31 from 1 – 3pm in Thode Library 3rd floor “ISci ThinkSpace”

Incorporating Technology in Your Teaching

Nicole Wagner
Aadil Merali
Roberta Osborne

Meetings :
Meetings for this TLN will be happening in the Winter 2018 term! Stay tuned for dates.